Fresh Veg & Microgreens Grown Naturally

In observing nature, one thing becomes quickly aparent: there are no artificial straight lines, perfectly level landscapes or engineered square outlines. Those are man-made concepts that we substituted for nature. Our philosophy recognizes that regenerative agriculture requires a return to nature’s basic reality that not everything is square and pefect. In a way, everything is a bit – shall we say – squiggly.
That’s why our brand SquigglyThings™ perfectly summarizes what we do, how we think and what we grow on our farm.

At SquigglyThings™ we believe in working in harmony with nature, polyculture and regenerative agriculture principles. We believe that nutritous food is the foundation of better living. What we grow, we grow with loving care and positive intention. May our food feed you and your family, may it nurture you, and may you come back for more.


To grow and nourish our local communities year around with fresh, nutrient dense microgreens and vegetables the way nature intended.


To be the leading producer of microgreens in the Peace Country by growing outstanding and honest produce in concert with nature, while substantially contributing to food security and community nourishment.



Our Promise to You

We respect your natural born rights to privacy by providing a safe harbor free from discrimiantion, segragation, bias or prejudice. We will maintain our core ethics in all our services and provisions whilst maintaining integrity & safety.